Hungerford Canal Angling Association

Over three miles of tranquil, picturesque
coarse fishing on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Various Specimen Fish

The canal is home to Perch, Pike, Carp, Tench,
Roach, Rudd, Ruffe, Gudgeon and Bream

Carp Fishing

Good sized Carp upto 25lb+

Enjoy the Peace and Tranquility

Take in the breathtaking location as you
enjoy your fishing

Rules and other notices

  1. That this Association be called The Hungerford Canal Angling Association and consist of an unlimited number of members.

  2. That the Association be governed by a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 12 members (5 to form a quorum) who may be elected or re-elected 'en-bloc' at the A.G.M. to be held at the discretion of the Hon. Sec. prior to 1st May each year. Two junior members shall also be elected.

  3. The Committee shall hold their meetings on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month. Any Member of the Committee failing to attend 3 consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member of the Committee unless prevented through illness or prior engagement in which case the Hon. Sec. or a Committee member shall be notified. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member or fill a casual vacancy on the committee.

  4. No more than four non-resident members (i.e. those members living more than 7 miles from Hungerford Town Hall) shall serve on the Committee at any one time. Those members shall have full powers as accorded to other Committee members except at a meeting where non resident members outnumber the resident Committee members. No person shall be deemed a member of the Association or have any say in its affairs unless his subscription for the current year has been paid.

  5. No member shall fish other than with a rod and line and no member shall use more than three rods at one time. Spinning is forbidden between 1st April and the 1st September. Live baiting is strictly forbidden at all times.

  6. No member shall use trimmers, gorge tackle, night lines, bank runners or any other illegal methods for taking fish. Landing nets should only be used for the purpose of landing fish taken by rod and line. The use of gaffs is strictly prohibited.

  7. All fish, including pike and trout, to be returned to the water alive Diseased or damaged fish dead or alive should be removed from the water wherever possible and reported to a Committee member at the earliest opportunity. No fish will be weighed in unless carried in a suitable container of water alive to weighing points. Carrying fish in keepnets or landing nets will not be accepted. Keep nets for retaining fish during matches etc. are to be not less than 6ft long and 15 ins in diameter.

  8. No one shall give or receive assistance in landing fish during matches. Offenders will be penalised.

  9. Carp must not be retained in keepnets or carp sacks.

  10. Minimum distance between anglers must be 10 metres during Competition and Matches (unless invited).

  11. Each angler is responsible for taking their litter home and leaving the canal bank tidy. Penalties will be imposed on offenders.

  12. No fishing in locks.

  13. The removal of any species of fish from the Rivers Kennet or Dunn or their tributaries is strictly forbidden.

  14. Any member is authorised to examine the bag of anyone fishing. Anglers whether members or otherwise must produce their fishing tickets to any member on request. Tickets are to be carried at all times failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the water.

  15. All large carp caught during matches to be weighed-in immediately and returned to the water.

  16. One months notice in writing signed by not less than 10 members shall be given to the Hon. Sec. of any proposed amendment to these rules requiring him to convene a special General Meeting for such a purpose.

  17. No fishing allowed in Town Wharf between the warning signs.

  18. One independent Committee Member is required to verify weighing-in of Specimen entries. Alternatively entries may be recorded at the official weighing-in stations by the end of January.

  19. Only permit holders will be allowed to enter competitions.

  20. The use of Bloodworm and Jokers is strictly prohibited on all Association waters.

  21. Carp anglers must use unhooking mats.

  22. Anglers must be in possession of an adequate landing net.

  23. Appropriate traces to be used when pike fishing.


Other Notices

Inter club matches: For all inter-club matches, book in with D. Keen by Friday prior to match.

  1. Christmas Match by ticket only, cost £10.00. Tickets will be available from 30th September onwards from Dave Keen.

  2. Any queries on Match to be reported to the Match Secretary before the end of the match.

Cutting of banks: The cutting of banks is strictly prohibited.

Litter: Every Angler is held responsible for taking their litter home and leaving the canal bank tidy. Penalties will be imposed on offenders.

Considerate use of poles: All anglers are warned that the inconsiderate use of poles etc. (i.e. causing obstruction to other users of the towpath) will lead to the banning of them on Association waters.

Exchange permits: A limited number of permits are available from Mr. D. Keen, Tel: 01672 540177

Electricity Cables: Strictly no fishing between Electricity Cable warning signs.

Weilís Disease (Leptospirosis): This is a serious bacterial infection, potentially fatal, contracted from water contaminated with rat's urine. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU. Take sensible hygiene precautions with food, broken skin, handling bait & line. If you develop flu-like symptoms that persist, consult your doctor.

Can Ban: It is strictly forbidden to have tin cans (i.e. Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat, etc.) on H.C.A.A. waters. Offenders will be penalised.

Match Restriction: No matches or competitions may be held on H.C.A.A. waters without the prior permission of the Committee.

Bivvys: No bivvys to be used between The Lock at Dunmill and The Marsh.

Parking: NO PARKING in Everlands Road.